100+ best love status in english

love status in english

Love status in English: Looking for love status in English, We are providing Big Collection of love WhatsApp & FB status in English. Choose your favourite Love status and share your BF & GF.

Best Cute Love Status for Whatsapp in English

  • I will be yours, you will be mine and together we will be one love.
  • When I said .. I love you .. I meant it.
  • Falling in love is like rain… It’s unpredictable
  • Don’t cheat. If you’re not happy just leave.
  • Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
  • I Avoided Many Things Only For U In My Life..Don’t Ever Make Me Feel For Why I Left All That.
  • If love was easy, there would be almost no music.
  • Friendship is not a big thing … it’s a million little things.
  • I can’t read lips unless they’re touching mine.
  • Love is a master key that is capable of opening a gate of happiness.
  • If you love me raise your hand and you don’t then raise your standard.
  • Girl, you better have a license, because you are driving me crazy!
  • The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.
  • Hello, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.
  • The most emotional moment in a boys life, When a girl says, Can you give me your number
  • The TRUTH hurts only once but an LIE hurts every time you remember it!
  • I Know I’m Not Perfect,But There Is No Defect In My Love
  • Love is cute when it’s new, but love is most beautiful when it lasts.
  • Love is not what you can receive,it’s all about what you can give.
  • If life really does flash before your eyes, I only want to see pictures of you and me.
  • Beautiful face, Beautiful body, Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.
  • Perfect boyfriend: Does not drink, does not smoke, does not cheat and also Does not exist
  • The quickest way to receive love is to give love
  • A good friend will help you move, a best friend will help you move a dead body.
  • my worst enemy is my heart because it is mine, but beats for you only
  • There are a million things in the world I want, but all I need is you.

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One-line love status in English

  • Do The Math. Me+You= Love.
  • When Love Is Not Madness, It Is Not Love.
  •  You Are The Guy All My Love Quotes Are About.
  • I Pinky Promise I Will Love You Forever.
  • You Are Just Memory Of My Love.
  • I Like To When You Smile. But I Love It When I’M The Reason.
  • You’re My Everything. Everything Else Is Just…..Everything Else.
  •  You Don’t Mean Anything To Me. Ou Mean Everything To Me.
  • You Are My Best Reason To Lose Sleep. I Love You, Babu.
  •  You’re My Everything. Everything Else Is Just…..Everything Else.
  • I Love Our Story. Sure It’S Messy, But It’S The Story That Got Us Here.
  • Love + Trust + Loyalty = Unbreakable Relationship
  • Even On Bad Days, I’ll Still Be Happy With You.
  •  Every Has An Addiction, Mine Just Happens To You.
  • I’M Technically Single By My Heart Is Taken By Someone I Can’T Call My Own.
  • Missing Someone Is Your Heart’S Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them.
  • I Know I’M Not Your First Love But I Hope I Will B The Last For You.
  • Love Is Life Wi-Fi, You Can’T See It, But You Know When You’Ve Lost It.
  • Love Is Like Game. Some People Cheat & Some Prefer To Play It Fair.
  • My Love Is Not Completed With You. Help Me To Make My Love Complete.
  • You Give Me The Type Of Feeling, People Write Novels About.
  • No Matter How Sad You May Be, Believe That Happiness Is Waiting.
  •  You Are Y Life. You Are The Only Thing It Would Hurt To Lose.
  • You Are The First & Last Thing On Y Mind Each & Every Time.
  • You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Beats When I See You.
  • I Love You More Than I Ever Found A Way To Say To You.

love status in english

Best love status in English

  • I Want You. All Of You. Your Flaws. Your Mistakes. Your Imperfections. I Want You & Only You.
  • Everyone Says You Only Fall In Love Once, But That’s Not True, Because every time I See You, I Fall In Love All Over Again.
  • You Are My Best Friend, My Human Daily & My Other Half. You Mean The World To Me & I Love You.
  • When You Love Someone More Than They Deserve, Surely They Will Hurt More Than You Deserve.
  • Love Means Exposing Yourself To The Pain Of Being Hurt, Deeply Hurt By Someone You Trust.
  • I’D Like To Run Away From You, But If You Didn’T Come And Find Me……..I Would Die.
  • No Matter How Much You Try, There’S No Resisting Love. If It Has To Happen, It Will.
  • Calling Me Cure Is Nice. Calling Me Hot Is Great But Calling Me Yours Is All I Want.
  • One Day They’Ll Realize They Lost A Diamond While Playing With Worthless Stones.
  • When You Love Someone, You Just Do. There Are No But’S, No Maybe’S & No Why’S.
  • Even The Mere Silence Of Love, Has The Power To Drown Out All Of Life’S Chaos.
  • I Know I’M Being Cheesy But It’S True I’ll Never Find Anyone Quite Like You.
  • I Know I’M Not Your First Love But I Hope I Will B The Last For You.
  • Yeah, I’M Selfish Because I Will Never Share You With Anyone Else.
  • I Like To When You Smile. But I Love It When I’M The Reason.
  • You’re My Everything. Everything Else Is Just…..Everything Else.
  • Love Is Just Word Until Someone Special Gives It A Meaning.
  • Love Is When I Find Reason To Live. That Reason Is You.
  • If You Really Lovesome, Don’t Tell Them. Show them.
  • You are the sunshine that starts my day.
  • Being in love is like being drunk, You can’t have control on what you do.
  • You re special to me in every way. Thank you for being who you are.
  • Love is that which, cannot see the poorness…
  • Love is like the sun which coming out from the clouds and warming your soul.

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  • When I think about you.. I don’t feel so alone….
  • My love for you is a journey, that starts at forever and ends at never in Life…
  • Time goes by a very slower when you miss the someone who love you.
  • If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be.If it does not, hunt it down and kill it.
  • Everything is fair in Love and War.
  • Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
  • Don’t marry someone you can live with. Marry the person who cannot live without.
  • I love you for who you’re from the inside. The lovely looking outside is just a bonus.
  • The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.
  • Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that’s not true, every time I hear your voice I fall in Love all over again.
  • Life is a one-way street no matter how many detours you take none of them leads back so enjoy life’s every moment as none of them will happen The same way again…
  • Be aware to touch me… you may be victim of Love
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