Gautam Gambhir status and Quotes

Gautam Gambhir status and Quotes

Gautam Gambhir status and Quotes: Looking for Gautam Gambhir Quotes, We are providing Large Collection of Gambhir Quotes and status. I hope you liked this big collection.

About Gautam Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir is an Indian cricketer. He was Born on 14 October 1981 in New Delhi. Follow Gautam  Gambhir twitter.

Gautam Gambhir wife:  Natasha Jain (belongs to a prominent business family).

Gautam Gambhir status and Quotes

Gautam Gambhir One-line status and Quotes

  • Sport doesn’t work on knee-jerk reactions.
  • I’m aggressive on the field and a team-man to the core.
  • I am very passionate about Indian hockey.
  • I love watching movies. I am a big movie buff.
  • As a leader, you want your team to play as you are.
  • IPL is good for the limelight and making money.
  • Most of my diet is low on carbohydrates and fats.
  • Strike rates depend on the surfaces you play on.
  • Tests are special, the format closest to my heart.
  • What happens on the field should stay on the field.
  • Winning is something that makes people happy.
  • I want to do whatever will make my team win.
  • I like finishing the games by dominating the opposition.
  • A bowler will always say it’s a batsman’s game.
  • Sometimes you need to give credit to the opposition.

Best Gautam Gambhir Quotes

  • I don’t enjoy cricket. I just take it as a priority… something that I have to do.
  • Cricket is a team game. If you want fame for yourself, go play an individual game.
  • It’s not a successful captain that makes a successful team.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders are not about me. It is about the team.
  • One needs to be clear headed. I believe in all-around fitness.
  • Youngsters getting hooked to IPL is a dangerous sign for Indian cricket.
  • I play for India, I play for the 100 million people of my country.
  • I am a great believer that a captain is as good as his team.
  • I believe in backing players and helping them out with their game.
  • No one can act like Bachchan Saab or bat-like Virender Sehwag.
  • Every relation forms its own defined and non-defined rules.
  • In India, you need to look intense to be classified as a good cricketing brain.
  • Sometimes in a team game, the entire spotlight is on one man.
  • People make a mistake thinking that two people with identical mindset gel well.
  • I know that my job is to score runs, and I will continue to do that.
  • I want to be part of the team that wins a Test series in England and Australia.
  • I’ve played my whole life for Delhi; I know what is good or bad for Delhi cricket.
  • I love discussing my game with people who have similar mindsets.

Gautam Gambhir status and Quotes

Gambhir Quotes

  • The day I feel like I can’t contribute to the team’s success, that’s the day I am going to call it quits.
  • There should be no cricket and Bollywood ties with Pakistan till Pakistan stops cross-border terrorism.
  • Life of people of this country is far more important than any sports or any other thing.
  • There are not enough turning pitches in India, which is why we are not getting good spinners.
  • Playing on a low surface is always difficult for anyone to play their strokes. You need to be more of a grafter.  – Gautam Gambhir
  • I am a very strong believer in one thing. The more physically fit you are, the more mentally fit you get.
  • When you feel comfortable about your game, you are in a happy space, feel at peace with yourself.
  • Things happen on the field. It has happened between me and other players, but we always left it out there.
  • I have never played cricket for selfish reasons like scoring 800-900 runs on flat tracks to make a comeback.
  • I am a completely different person off the field, and my friends and family can vouch for that.
  • Any opportunity you get to play for your country and wear that blue cap is an honour.
  • I never thought of starting a cricket academy because every second person is starting a cricket academy.
  • White ball cricket can be taxing on bowlers and can be a distraction for a youngster, too.
  • I do not usually follow a rigid fitness regimen, and most of it depends upon what goals I have in my mind.
  • I’ve always maintained that the problem in India is that we only give credit to big contributions.

Gautam Gambhir Cricket Quotes

  • I may try and get into education. I may open a school, and that is my ultimate dream. Opening a school will give education to children, who are the future of our country. If we can educate them in a proper way, I think that will change the future of the country.
  • Ultimately, the one who scores the winning run is a finisher, irrespective of whether he’s an opening batsman or No 11. What matters is how much you are contributing. If you can win matches for your team, you are a finisher.
  • Ultimately, DDCA is there to promote Delhi cricket. They are not there to promote themselves or set agendas. The primary job of DDCA is to look after cricket, see where Delhi cricket is going at all levels.
  • When you are playing against an opposition, you want to go out there and win a game, and for that, you have to be aggressive.
  • I am talking as an Indian and not as a cricketer. I believe we should not have any ties or relationship with Pakistan. For me, it is very important to protect our people.
  • I genuinely do not even see the stats. It is just about the ability of the individual; what he brings to the table is all that matters.
  • Yes, it is always good to contribute, but the most important thing is where we finish on the points table. That is more important to me than how many runs I score.
  • I always believe in giving a lot of security to players. When you pick someone, you pick someone with a lot of trusts and stick with that someone.
  • My primary job is to score runs and make KKR win, and that’s what I am trying to do. Rest, I don’t think too much. That’s how I have always played my game.
  • I am an intense person on the field. I always want to win, as it matters to me a lot. That’s why I never like to lose the focus or intensity.
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