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Quotes on ego

  • I like the moment when I break a man’s “ego quotes”.
  • The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.
  • Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’.
  • Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success.
  • I guess I have a little bit of an ego. I’m confidently cocky, you might say.
  • I fed my ego, but not my soul.
  • Drugs, alcohol and ego. They are a bad mix.
  • I’m not a hopeless romantic. I’m quite the reverse. I’m a nasty piece of work, an egomaniac.
  • Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.
  • Ego is to the true self what a flashlight is to a spotlight.
  • Ego is the great enemy. Ego will hold you back every single time.
  • To have a little recognition, that is very nice, you dig. It is good for the ego, for the psyche.
  • Deep down, my ego always thought that I would outlast a lot of people that I was competing against.
  • I have no self-centeredness or ego about being a movie star.
  • You proceed from a false assumption: I have no ego to bruise.
  • Clearly, I am a person who suffers from a lack of ego.
  • When you see things upside down, the ego can be extraordinarily funny; it’s absurd. But it’s tragic at the same time.
  • Let’s face it; God has a big ego problem. Why do we always have to worship him?
  • You get tangled up in your own ego of how you’re perceived. You can lose your way.

Ego Quotes

Top ego related quotes

  • I’m one of seven kids. That’ll keep your ego in check.
  • Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.
  • Never let your ego get so close to your position that when your position goes, your ego goes with it.
  • I love playing ego and insecurity combined.
  • Social networks do best when they tap into one of the seven deadly sins. Facebook is the ego. Zynga is the sloth. LinkedIn is greed.
  • All my ego wants is to be sitting by a lake in Italy. It doesn’t want to be backstage, warming up.
  • One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego; the self is more distant than any star.
  • When truth takes a back seat to ego and politics, trust is lost.
  • I’m one of seven kids. That’ll keep your ego in check.
  • I’m very competitive, and my ego couldn’t handle that lack of success.
  • There’s a little more ego involved in these jobs than people might realize.
  • Nations have their ego, just like individuals.
  • I had to let my ego go a long time ago.
  • I have no ego, I’ll make fun of myself, and I’ll make fun of being humiliated. I get it.
  • In retrospect, I realize that the threat was about ego rather than the validity of the music.
  • I think it’s pretentious to create art just for the sake of stroking the artist’s ego.
  • Everyone in Kiss is replaceable. My ego will tell you that I am not, but that’s not so.
  • My ego is sated.
  • The trick is to learn to contain one’s ego, not conceal it.

Ego Quotes

The best ego quotes

  • There are so many things to take into account – your ambition, your ego, the press, the consumers. You can never be sure that you’ll be on top of the pile again.
  • At the end of the day, if you want to entertain people, you’ve got to take your ego out of the equation.
  • Dentistry was an ego trip, and acting is a personal need. Usually, it’s the reverse, and I honestly don’t think I had the talent in my hands to be a good dentist.
  • Art is based on emotion, but being macho is based on ego; the wall protecting that emotion.
  • I’m not a big fan of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s just a personal thing, not an ego thing.
  • I have a gigantic ego and need to be at the top of the pile and be doing amazingly well; also, at the same time, I’m just pleased to be anywhere.
  • The great corrupter of public man is the ego. Looking at the mirror distracts one’s attention from the problem.
  • This has nothing to do with ego. It is solely about my religion and me being a devout Christian. I chose my ring name because I regard myself as A Son Of God.
  • I basically look at PR as something you do if there’s an object in mind. But my ego doesn’t need it.
  • I think your ego gets in the way of making something good because of it kind of blinds you from the actual art.
  • Fighting in the ring or cage is very much different from fighting in the street. Fighting in the street is very much fueled by anger, pride, and male dominance and ego.
  • I have no ego investment in being on the air. I don’t knock others for whom that kind of attention is like oxygen, but I don’t miss anything about it.
  • The excitement that you were feeling about a special, unique path for yourself as a woman is all part of your identification with an attachment to being female. And that’s ultimately all ego.
  • ‘Drag Race’ has taught me a lot about how to form the community, to take myself less seriously and lose some ego.
  • The pursuit of beauty is much more dangerous nonsense than the pursuit of truth or goodness because it affords a stronger temptation to the ego quotes.
  • But I think Barry Sonnenfeld let his ego go out of control. He told me in a meeting that he had to do something to make it his film.
  • It’s good to have a healthy ego because that pushes you to succeed. But when you cross a line, and your views are not balanced, that’s when you get into trouble.
  • I never thought about being on a series before. It seemed like such a big commitment. But I love going to work every day. This is not about ego, it’s about work, and that’s refreshing in this town.
  • I want people to hear the honesty in my singing, and that I’m not hiding behind anything. It’s raw. It’s not for any arrogance or ego. It’s just pure feelings.
  • It’s tough to be in a relationship with a musician because it reads sometimes as this ego and self-involvement when it’s really just concentration and focus.
  • I’m not one of those women writers who is obsessed by their ego, possibly because I don’t have one.
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